ProArgi-9+ Immune Booster

Proactively strengthen your body’s ability to protect itself with ProArgi-9+ Immune Booster. Formulated by leading scientists to work with your body’s own nitric oxide, Immune Booster works by circulating powerful immune-enhancing ingredients.

Each daily serving contains a clinically proven blend of beta-glucans, along with vitamins, minerals, polyphenols, and fruit that will support and defend your immune system.

What is a Beta-Glucan?
Beta glucans are naturally occurring prebiotic fibers. Derived from a proprietary strain of baker’s yeast, these unique beta glucans are the only derivative to boast well-substantiated, immune-supporting properties.
Synergy’s Immune Booster beta glucan blend maintains full potency while being purified of gluten residue.

Immune Booster with ProArgi-9+

Enhance the effects of Immune Booster with the cardiovascular power of ProArgi-9+ by mixing the two supplements together. Combining these formulas utilizes your body’s own nitric oxide production and increases the circulation of immune-boosting ingredients.

By using ProArgi-9+ Immune Booster and ProArgi-9+ together, you can support a healthy blood flow— powering vital immune-supporting nutrients throughout your body. It’s a “2x Boost” effect for immune strength and cardiovascular health.


  • Vitamins C, D3, & B6
  • Yeast-derived beta glucans
  • Fructooligosaccharides (FOS)
  • Natural fruit extracts
  • Zinc


  • Supports increased vigilance of your immune system
  • Supports activation of t-cells, macrophages, and NK cells
  • Beta Glucans activate immune cells to express more receptors for Vitamin D
  • Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Non-allergenic, Keto friendly
  • Delicious Mixed Berry flavor
  • Combine with Synergy’s best-selling ProArgi-9+ to enhance your body’s ability to benefit from both formulas

Using Immune Booster

Packet 30 sachets
Daily dose - Maintenance 1 sachets
Daily dose - Intensive 2 sachets
Dose form Powder to be mixed with water
Directions Mix Sachets in 135ml-240ml of water (or to taste). Stir well and drink immediately. Best served cold.
Contraindications None known
Length of use As desired


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