The Science of Elite Health

Elite Health and optimal metabolic function are interchangeable terms

because it is through optimal metabolic function that Elite Health is made possible.

Everyone, from a newborn to a great-grandparent, exists thanks to metabolic function. Our overall health is a direct reflection of how well that function executes. Linked to a host of prominent health concerns, poor metabolic function tremendously impacts our capacity to live an active life. Whether you are a couch potato or an Olympic athlete, you have the potential to live better. Unlocking that potential requires improved metabolic function. Emerging science has shown that optimal metabolic health is intrinsically connected to a surprising source: the microbiome.

The microbiome is the community of microorganisms—good and bad—that inhabit the human body both internally and externally. The vast majority of these microflora are found in the digestive and intestinal tract. While most health companies take a symptomatic approach to wellness, Synergy Worldwide holistically addresses metabolic health and wellness at a foundational level, promoting Elite Health through the microbiome.

Metabolic processes support the performance of the body’s organs and systems, including cardiovascular function, digestion, and the metabolizing of nutrients into energy. Metabolic function is the basis for life.


The Hughes Center for Research and Innovation was designed with the goal to combat health mega-trends driven by poor diet and lifestyle choices through natural, nutritionally therapeutic products. Outfitted with state-of-the-art instrumentation, the Hughes Center is the hub of Synergy WorldWide’s new product development. Utilizing the center’s advanced technology, Hughes Center scientists verify the identity, purity, and potency of potential product ingredients and work to discover powerful and unique product formulations that support metabolic health through the gut microbiome. If a formulation proves itself in clinical studies, it joins Synergy’s family of Elite Health products.

Synergy WorldWide’s reputation is rooted in research and scientific discovery. We eagerly embrace new technologies, testing procedures, and manufacturing processes. By investing in up-and-coming science, we are boldly working toward finding the perfect products to support Elite Health. Thanks to our team of seasoned scientists and researchers, and thanks to the state-of-the-art Hughes Center for Research and Innovation, Synergy products will unlock your health and lifestyle potential so that you can achieve Elite Health.


The Hughes Center for Research and Innovation brings together experts from scientific and medical fields to pursue the discovery and understanding of nutritional supplements. To truly understand nutritional supplements, the Hughes Center team conducts clinical studies to prove a new product’s efficacy. Clinical testing is crucial. The scientific proof found through thorough clinical research confirms and strengthens our long-held belief in natural, therapeutic products. Through clinical testing, this team has made groundbreaking discoveries that prove Synergy products have the backbone to stand up to global health epidemics. These discoveries lead to patent applications and officially patented Synergy products.

At Synergy WorldWide, we are serious about proving the quality and potency of our products, which is why the multi-million dollar Hughes Center opened its doors in February 2015. Through The Hughes Center, we are developing the formula for a healthy and successful life.