Biome Actives

Biome Actives combine both prebiotics and probiotics to provide a favourable environment for beneficial gut bacteria. The combination helps with the balance of the microbiome in the digestive system and supports healthy detoxification.


  • Bacillus coagulans
  • Inulin (chicory root extract)


  • Provides 1 billion CFU (colony forming units) of Bacillus coagulans per capsule
  • Helps healthy bacteria by optimizing pH balance with lactic acid-forming bacteria
  • Feeds healthy bacteria with prebiotics
  • Supports healthy immune functions

Using Biome Actives

Bottle 90 capsules
Daily dose - Maintenance 2 capsules
Daily dose - Intensive 3 capsules
Dose form Capsule to be swallowed with water.
Directions Best taken with food. Can also be opened and sprinkled on food, or mixed with a drink.
Contraindications None known
Length of use As desired.

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