Omega-3 fatty acids help the human body in many ways, from the heart to the brain. However, the only way to get the benefits from these essential fats is to obtain them from foods or supplements.

Your body will not produce Omega-3’s on its own, leaving you on a quest for either carefully chosen meals or a reliable, convenient supplement.

Synergy’s highly potent Omega-3 capsules each contain 1,000 mg of oil sourced from cold water, fatty fish. These mackerel, anchovy, and sardine sources are known to be rich in EPA and DHA unsaturated fats, while being reliably low in contaminants. No need to worry about unpleasant fish flavours, as Synergy Omega-3 contains natural lemon oil for a better experience.

Synergy takes Omega-3 safety and purity one giant step further: Every batch of Omega-3 capsules we produce undergoes strict laboratory testing to ensure that they are free from mercury and other toxins. You can rest easy knowing that your fish oil is pure, potent and proven from Synergy WorldWide.


  • Fish Oil
  • Lemon Oil


  • Potent, convenient capsules
  • Pleasant, natural lemon oil to mask fishy flavour
  • Reinforces normal brain function
  • Supports normal function of the heart
  • Promotes normal vision and eye health

Using Omega-3

Bottle 60 capsules
Daily dose 2 capsules
Dose form Capsule to be swallowed
Directions Take 1 capsule with a meal, twice daily
Contraindications Contains fish
Length of use As desired


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