My Genetic Body Guide Program

Take the Guesswork out of Getting Fit & Healthy

Don’t guess take a DNA Test

Your health and fitness is too important to rely on guesswork. For 2020, like many of us you may have decided to go on diet and lose some weight, maybe go greener and eat less meat or even go vegan and probably to do more exercise. You want to “on top of your game and get more out of life” with more energy, better concentration and generally be fitter and healthier we call this Elite Health…… but which is the optimal way for you to achieve this?

Its time to take out the guesswork and take a science-based approach based on Nutrigenetic Health Care*, starting with a simple DNA Test service from our laboratory partners Novogenia*.

We are all different with unique DNA profiles and genetic pre-dispositions. These need to be taken into account in designing your individual healthier lifestyle programs in order to achieve optimal results.

You will receive back a complete 200 page report, identifying your individual genetic food and fitness recommendations, which foods to eat and which to avoid and importantly which dietary supplements are right for you to achieve optimal health. You will receive:

  • Personalised Food Recommendations (over 900)
  • Personalised Detox and Nutritional Planning (for heavy metals, chemicals, alcohol, caffeine, vitamins)
  • Personalised Sports and Movement Analysis (nutrition, macronutrients, muscle type, oxidative stress)

* Nutrigenetics is the study of how genetic variation in individual genes affects an individual’s response to particular nutrients and toxins in the diet.

My Genetic Body Programs available.

There are two My Genetic Body Programs available,  to kick start your total health transformation in 2020 and your journey towards Elite Health.  Both programs consist of the DNA Test Kit and Personalised Report plus a supply of clinically formulated nutrition for the microbiome. Probiotics vegetable proteins and other powerful ingredients.  Choose from either the Purify Program,  which promotes detoxification, cleansing and balance for wellbeing and fitness or the Energy Program designed for the physically active.