Eye Cream

Eye Cream

Decreases dark circles, crow’s feet, and fine wrinkles around eyes.


  • Instant skin plumping
  • Increases collagen production
  • Decreases dark circles, crow’s feet and fine wrinkles around the eyes

Key Ingredients

  • DATE PALM EXTRACT. Slows down cell proliferation, promotes anti-oxidation to prevent premature ageing
  • HYALUSPHERE PF. A microsphere that encapsulates hyaluronic acid, designed to absorb ambient water and plump skin
  • DL OXY-GEN BOOST.  Promotes skin respiration and hydration
  • KAKADU PLUM.  Reinforces cell antioxidant defences, providing anti-ageing qualities
  • RED ALGAE EXTRACT. Limits skin discomfort, reduces inflammation and sensitivity


  • Apply generously around and under the eyes
  • Use once per day
  • Can be used more frequently for quicker results